The Power of Replacing 1 Simple Word

You are in charge of your life and your abilities.  You, and you alone get to define who you really are.  Having been told repeatedly as a youngster "You can do anything you set your mind to.", was something that really made a difference.  Here's one simple word you can replace with another to make a HUGE difference in what you might do.  Just replace the word "can't" with "don't".

This gives you the complete power and responsibility for everything you may or may not do.

Take Control of Your Life 

If you want to set the tone for everything you do, take control by switching these words.  When you say "can't" your programming your mind to believe you are unable to accomplish something.  When you say "don't", it's now completely in your hands.

You have the ability to do anything you set your mind to and are willing to work hard enough to do.  Who you believe you are and what you believe you're capable of doing are guides to your mind that sets the tone for everything.

"People tend to live up to who they believe they are." - Tony Robbins 

Put it Into Action 

So, instead of saying "I can't workout everyday." say "I don't workout everyday.".  That leads you to the next level where you say, "I DO workout everyday."  Instead of saying "I can't eat healthy.", say "I don't eat healthy.".  You now have control of your circumstances and are able to change the story. "I do, or I will."

Never forget that your faith will take you wherever you want to go.

"All things are possible with God." - Jesus Christ 


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